There are thousands and thousands of Discord bots to choose from.
So, what sets the Moose apart?

Always original.

We're not serving you rehashed features from lesser bots. The Moose and this website were built entirely from scratch. Not only that, we deliberately avoided other bots and their documentation during development, so any similarities to other bots are purely coincidental. Rest assured, you're getting 100% all-natural cage-free organic robotic moose.

We're all about substance.

For you, that means three things:
  • We do things other bots can't do.
  • What other bots can do, we can do better.
  • No nonsense to sift through. If spam games are all you need in a bot, you'll have to look elsewhere.
We're not for everyone. Some admins aren't striving to make their servers the best they can be, and that's OK. Some have infinite time to spend managing their servers by hand, and we're probably not for them either. But if you're ready to go above and beyond for your server without needing to install twenty different bots, we're here 24/7, just waiting to help.

A feature suite for every occasion.

The bot's functionality is divided into ten feature suites: Administration, Analytics, Backups, General, Message Utility, Meta-Commands, Moderation, Moose, Nexus, and Switchboard. Each suite has commands, which you can use to control the bot directly, and functions, which cause the bot to act in response to events. There is simply too much information to list here, so check out the docs for full details!

The most powerful custom commands known to man.

We knew we could never think of everything, so instead we gave you the tools to build the commands your server needs. Those tools are bundled into the Meta-Commands Suite, so named because its commands allow you to combine and modify existing commands. It's an incredibly flexible and powerful solution to highly specific problems. For example, there is no >open-the-#meeting-channel-for-three-hours-every-monday-starting-at-noon-and-send-a-reminder-to-attendees command, but if you are so inclined, you can create one with that exact function (hopefully with a shorter name!).

This feature shines when used with creativity, so if you want a little inspiration, we have a whole page full of ideas with instructions! Need help pulling off a complicated maneuver? No problem: just file a support ticket or post in the support server, and we will find you a answer in no time.

Onward and upward.

The bot is constantly under development, with new improvements written every single day. Got an idea for the next great feature? Let us know by email or on the support server!

Be the first to know.

Want to be kept up-to-date with the latest features? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

A global network of servers.

Why should your members be forced to join other servers or send out a mountain of friend requests just to talk to outside users? With a truly unique feature we call the Nexus, we're breaking down the mighty walls between Discord servers and allowing the messages to flow freely. Forge a close bond with another server by opening an embassy, a private, two-way channel visible to members of your choice. Create a cluster and invite as many servers as you want, or join an existing cluster centered around your server's interests. Get important updates from admins around the world through the global news stream, or have a casual conversation in the global chat stream.

Using the Nexus couldn't be simpler. To use a stream of any kind, just post in its channel. The bot instantly forwards the message to every other server connected to that stream, using your name and avatar. The Nexus is lightning-fast and easy to moderate, and adds a whole new dimension to your Discord community!

Only the good stuff.

FeatureThe MooseOther Bots
The Nexus
Total server backups and duplication
Server analytics
Message utilities
NSFW commands

Data loss is now obsolete.

There's really no excuse for ever losing a channel—or worse, an entire server—again. That's because the Moose can regenerate the whole server from nothing with one command. You read that correctly—it will be nearly identical in every way, down to the last message.

Maybe you're not impressed yet, but that's only one of the tricks up our sleeve. Afraid you might forget to backup your server? Schedule recurring backups. Want to copy your entire server onto another one? There is a command for that too. If you need the full edit history of a message, timestamps from reactions, or attachments from deleted messages, we're here with them. The Moose can also log all server events, including message edits and deletions, to channels of your choice. Protecting your server has never been easier!

Unmatched customization.

You want a bot that matches your server's branding, but the options for self-hosted bots aren't great and you still have to pay for hosting. Good thing you can get a special Moose bot exclusive to your server, and that you can change its avatar, username, online status, and activity status at will! If you're dearly attached to your existing custom bot, you can even convert it to a Moose bot without changing its appearance.

"Oh, but I already had a normal Moose bot and I don't want to go through all the setup again!" you say. Rest easy: it doesn't matter how many times you kick and re-add the bot, or how many different instances of the bot you use. Your settings and backups will never be deleted.